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Welcome to iMobile4u.com SMS (short message service) is a general name for the technology that enables users to send and receive text messages via mobile phones and it has now become another important communication channel.

Today, more and more organisations realise benefits of SMS, and use it as a new media within their traditional marketing communications strategies. SMS is an extremely cost-effective, high-response-rate vehicle, which can help acquire and retain consumers, sell and promote products, drive loyalty, and reinforce branding efforts.

iMobile4u has designed SMS service to be simple and easy for any user. Our major services are

    Web site monitoring service
    E-mail to SMS service
    Send SMS via web
    Business SMS Marketing

Our outstanding strengths ragarding our SMS service are:

      Sender name is up to you
      Multilingual language support
      World-wide message transmission at one price
      Pay as you use, need not to pay bundle money every month
      One message can be sent in bulk

Let's iMobile4u streamline your business, save your time and save on call costs. You can click in each above service you are interested in and select one that suits to your need. Any information you may need, please feel free to contact us at sales@imobile4u.com.

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